Prison saved my life.  If they really wanted to destroy me, they would have left me free.


Speaking engagements

Kuntrell’s historic & high profile Supreme Court case has garnered much attention and left him in great demand. Whether for a youth center, K-12 schools, college campuses or community events, if you’d like to book Kuntrell please inquire here. 

Activism & advocacy

Having experienced it first hand, Kuntrell’s insider view of America’s broken criminal justice system, compels us to confront inequality and injustice. He is focusing on making a difference as an advocate and activist through P.A.I.N.


An injustice concedes its abuses and fails if the people refuse to accept them. Kuntrell is on a mission to persuade the people to declare that enough is enough and, to demand that their elected officials put an end to systemic, unlawful and unconstitutional judicial practices. Read the Facts.

P.A.I.N. Campaign

Preventing Adolescents from Incarceration Nationwide focuses on young children in America who are deeply affected by abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence, poverty and mass incarceration.  Join me in the fight of educating,  empowering  and equipping young people. 



Nafisah Malik

Kuntrell Jackson you are strength! You are hope! You are resilience! You are light! Keep shining my brother! It’s a huge honor to have met you because there’s not many times where we get to put a person to a story like yours instead of just an innate number and a trial but you fought hard and you WON! You are black excellence your story truly touched me and I pray you get the chance to tell the world who YOU are!

John David White

Got a chance to meet this young man Kuntrell Jackson at the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Al. A down to earth guy and a great inspiration as well. He is very much apart of our black history and has a story to tell. After being wrongfully convicted of capital murder with life without parole at the age of 14 (and over a decade later freed), his case alone immediately freed over 3,000 more blacks across the United States of America.

Antonio Barino

 I met a brother tonight that is an inspiration and has a story that NEEDS to be told.  Bless you Kuntrell Jackson.

Tika Strickland

I got the unexpected chance to meet Kuntrell Jackson today in Montgomery, Al who’s case made a difference in history. His story is an inspiration that no matter how bad things may get, God can and will make a way. We need to step up, spread the truth, and cause more of these changes in today’s society, because though we’ve came a long way, justice still has not been entirely met to the standard it should be. Greater things are sure to come, but we have to come together in unity to do something about it!

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